Throwback: The Saviours of Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy have been widely criticised throughout their career, but three years on from their crucial comeback, we revisit Save Rock And Roll.

2009 was a year that proved tough on Fall Out Boy. They had announced their imminent break due to having a tough time within the band; vocalist Patrick Stump admitted he was heaviest he had ever been and loathed the ’emo’ image the band had adopted, while frontman Pete Wentz divorced then-wife Ashlee Simpson and began attending therapy sessions and drummer Andy Hurley claimed that he “went through the darkest depression [I’ve] ever felt”. It was something, they said, was necessary for the survival of the band.

Wentz explained that he preferred not to use the word ‘hiatus’, saying: “I don’t think I would use the word ‘hiatus’ because I think that word has gotten a dirty name, especially if you say ‘indefinite hiatus’. I wouldn’t use the word ‘breakup’ because that’s not true. It’s a break — we’re decompressing. I’m making a new term for it: we’re decompressing right now.”

After this three year long ‘decompression’, each member of Fall Out Boy had had enough. They decided to regroup, with Stump and Hurley each contributing unused ideas from their solo projects — thus constructing the beginnings of Save Rock And Roll.

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