Dissonants – Hands Like Houses

An outstanding performance from the Australian quintet.


‘Dissonants’ is the band’s first full-length record in three years, but it was worth the wait. Opening single ‘I Am’ is full of piercing guitars and determined vocals, and it sounds like defiance. It’s a good sign of things to come – ‘Grey Heavens’ is melodic and memorable, with some elements of electronica, whereas ‘Glasshouse’ is nothing short of unforgettable ­– striking breakdowns, intricate synths and crushing screams.

The album is a new approach to their previous sound, but it’s in no way inferior. It’s clearly a topical album; it addresses issues like bitterness, faithfulness, and homesickness to note a few. There’s no denying you feel like you’re growing with the band. It’s the perfect guidance for their younger fans, and the kind of music that will stick with you for days.


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