Shape Shift With Me – Against Me!

“Is there a record that is about relationships from a trans perspective?” Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace asks. “I wanted to write the transgender response to the Rolling Stones’ ‘Exile On Main St.’, Liz Phair’s ‘Exile In Guyville’ and the Streets’ ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’. All those records are relationship records… I wanted to present the trans perspective on sex, love and heartbreak.”

And that’s what ‘Shape Shift With Me’ represents. Grace’s struggle with her own gender has been well documented, specifically starting in 2012 when she came out as transgender in a Rolling Stone interview, continuing with her divorce in 2014 from artist Heather Hannoura – who insisted the couple would stay together – and expressing the issues on to a group of albums, of which ‘Shape Shift With Me’ is the latest.


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20th Anniversary: Everything Must Go – Manic Street Preachers

By 1996, Manic Street Preachers had been through things that most bands don’t go through in their entire lives. Their guitarist had disappeared, they’d gained a huge following in a short amount of time, and they’d already changed record label three times. But maybe that’s what made the band so legendary (in only three years since their first release, no less), and then they released their best-selling album so far.


In 2016, ‘Everything Must Go’ celebrated it’s 20th birthday. Here’s how it sounds to somebody who wasn’t even born.

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