Travis, BBC Radio 2’s Festival in a Day

WHAT: Travis
WHERE: Hyde Park
WHEN: 11/09/2016

These days, Travis are the kind of band that sit only in the back of people’s minds. They occasionally come about when it’s raining – usually in the form of a tuneless cry of ‘why does it always rain on meeeee’ – and on other occasions they come about through a throwback music channel.

But in April this year, they released a new album: Everything At Once.

Clash described the record as “a little cheesy and unashamedly earnest … it’s great”, rating it a 7/10, and The Upcoming called it “a soothing blend of melodic rock, uplifting lyrics and calming pop”, awarding it three stars out of five.

And that’s why they’re here today – live in Hyde Park at BBC Radio 2’s Festival in a Day. They’re the festival’s openers, ahead of some of music’s bigger names like Status Quo, Madness and Elton John.

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