House of Pain Talk: Past, Present and Future

Promotions company House of Pain has seen an exciting year. But as the new one begins, they tell us that it’ll be bigger than ever.


For Northamptonshire-based promotions company House of Pain, things are looking up. After having the most successful year of its existence, you should expect great things. “It’s going to be one hell of a year,” gig promoter Kane Campion enthuses. “I can’t tell you too much though – it’s a secret!” What he does say, though, is that it’ll be a party, each show bringing something different to the area.

When Skye Bertram James Day moved to small town Wellingborough in 2011, he was shocked at the lack of a music scene. Having hailed from London and attending live shows from the age of 14, he decided that Wellingborough needed something similar – something to occupy the local teenagers. So, he and a friend set up House of Pain, and two years later, it’s become an unstoppable machine.

Kane joined House of Pain with the intention of giving back to his colleagues. “I spent most of my time at the shows they put on, and I made so many friends. After seeing the joy that they brought everyone, I was sold. I’ve always felt like my calling was within the music industry.” And that’s why the company was perfect for him, along with a regular DJ job on the side.

House of Pain started solely in Northamptonshire, but now they’ve branched out to have a station in Bristol and more recently, they’ve started promoting gigs in Birmingham. It hasn’t been easy though – they’ve seen members come and go, and while at one point they had five, they’re now down to three. Things haven’t slowed down, however. In 2015 they added bands that are widely recognised on the alternative scene such as The Defiled and Cabin Boy Jumped Ship.

It’s difficult for them to choose a favourite band, however. Each musician has been different and incredible in his or her own way, and the experience of dealing with so many different people has helped them in various ways; the experience has helped them become the House of Pain they’ve aspired to be since the get go: “Every artist we’ve worked with has been phenomenal. We love all of them.”

As a group, House of Pain believe that their success from last year stems from their competition Metal to the Masses, which featured 25 bands from all over the UK battling for a place on the Bloodstock festival line up. “The level of talent in that competition was insane,” Kane says, excitement clear. “When the winning band was announced, everyone was ecstatic!” And it’s something he’s looking forward to doing year after year.

But there’s something else that sets House of Pain apart from other promotion companies. That much is obvious, especially in the way they talk about the music they live for. It’s animated, it’s energetic, and it’s their lives. “We do it for the music,” Skye says. “We do it for those bands who want to rule the world. And if just one band we’ve promoted makes it in the business, then we’ve done our job well.


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